About SplashRobe

Based in Sussex by the Sea. SplashRobe have been itching for you to get your sticky mits on our unique robes since inception in January 2021. 


SplashRobe is providing the ever-expanding global community of open water and wet weather lovers with environmentally conscious, quality robes, swimwear and accessories made from recycled materials. 


Like your current robe, but better.



Based in Chichester, SplashRobes are high quality, 100% waterproof and made from recycled plastics and fishing nets retrieved from the sea to help keep our oceans cleaner.


From sizes small to XXL, our robes are perfect for post swim/surf changing, hiking, camping, dog walking, school run, sports spectating or simply perusing the fresh produce section of your local supermarket.


Our founder, Ellie, is a marathon and English Channel relay swimmer who has been cold water sea swimming since 2018  so all products are designed with the real needs of swimmers in mind.

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  • Featured in December’s ‘Outdoor Swimmer’ magazine
  • Swimterprise splashrobe Featured in December’s ‘Outdoor Swimmer’ magazine

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